Aldebaran Global Advisors is a boutique advisory firm helping founders from the venture capital world all the way to IPO and public markets. 

We offer strategic and fundraising services to founders to accelerate their growth.

At early-stage, we help founders be "investor-ready" and secure the capital required to deliver their vision. We advise and stand by our clients throughout the process, providing fresh perspective at every step. We also leverage our international investor network (Venture Capital funds, Family Offices, Private Equity funds, Asset Managers) to identify the right partners for our clients.

For IPO candidates, we provide our expertise to entrepreneurs and strategic shareholders, empowering them to make informed decisions as part of the listing process. 

Aldebaran Global Advisors is an accredited Listing Sponsor by Euronext Paris.

Our team has more than 75 years of experience, completing over 180 deals.



€5m - €50m

Transaction Size


International Deals


Years of Combined Experience


Start Up Academy
  • An innovative program designed to assist founders in growing their businesses through specific training sessions dedicated to venture capital fundraising.
  • Our flexible and hands-on approach enables us to help founders structuring their approach, equity story, understand their capital requirement as well as identifying relevant strategic investors.
Private Companies
  • We offer to accompany fast-growing companies early in their development to gradually reach pre-IPO standards.
  • We assist founders in their fundraising strategy, from pre-Seed to Series A and B.
  • Each situation is unique and our clients deserve the highest level of services.
Pre-IPO Companies
  • Going public represents a significant milestone for any company.
  • We provide IPO readiness assessments, corporate structure & governance reviews.
  • Our deep experience enables us to assist the IPO candidate on every step of the listing process from capital markets entry strategies to documentation drafting, third party selection, dealing with regulators and exchanges.
  • Whether you woud like to list on your home market or overseas, Aldebaran is your partner of choice.
Listed Companies
  • Too many companies are not yet optimizing their quotation. Let us help you enjoy the benefits of being listed.
  • Our extensive experience in European and US capital markets enables us to provide insightful strategies to listed companies including investor relations advisory, capital increases and other corporate transactions (market upgrades, cross-border listings, M&A or market exits).

Start Up Academy

  • An innovative program designed to assist founders in growing their businesses through specific training sessions dedicated to venture capital fundraising.
  • 10 Reasons Why Startup Founders Seek Aldebaran's Assistance When Fundraising:
  • Lack of Experience: Many founders are first-time entrepreneurs with limited experience in fundraising. Navigating the complexities of term sheets, valuations, and negotiations can be challenging without prior exposure.
  • Time Management: Fundraising can be incredibly time-consuming. Having assistance allows founders to continue focusing on their business operations while also advancing their fundraising efforts.
  • Network Access: Access to networks of investors is crucial to succeed. A warm introduction to an investor often has a higher chance of success compared to a cold pitch.
  • Effective Storytelling: While founders might know their business inside out, communicating it effectively in a compelling investor narrative is a different skill set. Assistance in refining this story usually can make a significant difference in fundraising success.
  • Preparation of Materials: Fundraising requires specific materials like pitch decks, financial projections, and possibly a demo. External help can ensure these materials are polished, professional, and persuasive.
  • Valuation & Structuring: Setting the right valuation for a startup, especially in the early stages, can be more art than science. Assistance from experts can prevent founders from undervaluing or overvaluing their startups, which can respectively scare away investors or dilute founder equity too much.
  • Negotiation Skills: Negotiating with seasoned investors can be intimidating. Aldebaran Advisors guide founders through the negotiation process, helping them secure favorable terms.
  • Due Diligence Preparation: Investors will thoroughly examine a startup before investing. Experienced help can ensure that founders are prepared for this scrutiny and have all necessary documentation in order.
  • Strategic Advice: There are various sources of capital, from angel investors and venture capital firms to crowdfunding and loans. We help founders identify the best sources of capital for their particular business and growth stage.
  • Emotional Support: Fundraising is a roller-coaster of emotions, with highs of interest and lows of rejection. We provide founders with emotional support and resilience-building during this intense process.
  • In essence, while a founder might have a revolutionary business idea and vision, the intricate dance of fundraising requires a specific skill set, connections, and experience, which is precisely why it matters to partner with Aldebaran Advisors.

“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”

 – Seneca



At the core of what we do. Being entrepreneurs ourselves help us better serve our partners in full independence.


You innovate. We innovate as well! When there is a will, there is a way. We custom strategies to your needs based on our deep capital markets experience.


We are building long term-partnerships. The human factor is essential to us.


Our goal is to help you reach your objectives and realize your growth ambitions. #interestalignment

Track Record

Listing and Foreign market Delisting

€5Bn M. Cap / Real Estate

European IPO - New York Stock Exchange

$880 M. Cap / Shipping


Dual IPO - Euronext and NYSE

$184m M. Cap / Cleantech

European IPO - New York Stock Exchange

$253m M. Cap / Tech


IPO - Euronext

€125m M. Cap / Energy

Spanish IPO - Euronext Growth

€28m M. Cap / Tech

Italian IPO - Euronext

€52m M. Cap / Cleantech

European IPO - New York Stock Exchange

$2.2Bn M. Cap / Energy

Listing - Euronext Access

€250m M. Cap / Hotels

European IPO - Euronext Growth

$550m M. Cap / Tech

M&A - Secondary Listings - Euronext Paris & London

€16Bn M. Cap / Industrials

Upgrade to Euronext Growth

€2.1Bn M. Cap / Real Estate

Spanish Listing - Euronext Access

€28m M. Cap / Packaging

First IPO on Euronext Growth

€46m M. Cap / Tech

IPO - Euronext Growth

€73m M. Cap / Biotech

Italian Listing - Euronext Growth

€84m M. Cap / Finance

International Team

Opportunities are global. Our partners are present in Europe, the US and Asia

Nathanael Mauclair
Managing Partner
Msc in Finance

25 years of unparalleled experience gained at the heart of leading stock exchanges in the US and Europe.

During his career, Nathanael was involved in over 90 listings originating from 15 different countries.

After attracting numerous French companies on Euronext Paris, Nathanael developed a value proposition to attract foreign companies on Euronext markets. He advised several US companies (private or public) on their capital markets strategy in Europe, including SuccessFactors, BioAmber, Core Laboratories, Knight Capital Group or Vale.

Nathanael worked closely with the venture capital community in Europe to offer an exit opportunity for Life Sciences or Technology funds.

He holds an Msc in Finance from Birmingham University and Clermont-Ferrand Business School.

Thomas Le Doeuff
Managing Partner

15 years supporting companies in accessing the capital markets at Euronext and the New York Stock Exchange.

Thomas advised top executives at small, mid and large organizations on design and execution of their capital markets strategy, including stock market listing, IPO readiness, private capital raising, index inclusion, mergers or delisting.

Thomas managed several US listings of EMEA companies representing $10bn+ in additional market capitalization on the New York Stock Exchange. While working for Euronext, he was involved in the listing process of more than 30 companies on Euronext, Euronext Growth and Euronext Access.

Thomas holds a Masters in Management from ICN Business School and an MBA from the London Business School.

Sam Van

With his extensive background in financial services and broker dealer regulatory compliance experience, Sam successfully listed 46 international companies on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Euronext.

Sam counseled public companies’ CEO, CFO and COO on crisis management, market conditions, investor perceptions and shareholder concerns that impact stock trading patterns.

Sam has deep knowledge about US capital markets and emerging capital markets throughout Asia. Sam delivers critical advice regarding deal structures, valuation thesis, investment offerings (Private and Public), product due diligence, suitability (KYC), and marketing materials.

He held several positions at the NYSE, FINRA and he is board member of the Asian Financial Society.

Seiko Kawasaki

Seiko has an in-depth knowledge of global financial services industry and has expertise in risk management, regulatory reporting and compliance-related projects with literacy on the most recent framework of new regulatory guidance in the last 20 years.

She started her career at Kleinwort Benson in equity research, and developed further analytical skills at Salomon Brothers, and Tiger Management. She shifted her career focus to the primary capital market to help corporate clients at KPMG, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and Japanese major financial institution.

She is a member of AICPA, certified with IFRS program and Forensic Accounting and Internal Control Manager & Securities Sales Representative (Level I & II), authorized by the Japan Securities Dealers Association (JSDA). She received her MA from New York University.

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